Friday, 1 February 2013

Profile Link Building an Effective Strategy

Profile Link Building refers to adding your website's link in to your profiles in Social Networking Sites, Article Submission Sites, Forum Sites or whatever type of website that has a profile on it. One has to make profiles on several high PR sites and then link the profiles to one another like chain. Many web owners have experimented with this and found it to be quite useful. Obviously there are many ways to get links from social media. One such technique is to establish profiles on various social media, and link from your profile on those sites, back to your web site. Profile link building may be a great way to get a web site noticed. People can simply add their profiles to major social sites and place their URL on their page. Keeping each social site up to date and filling out forums may help to keep information relevant. When other people notice the same users and person adding comments, they will be tempted to click on their page and open up their links. This can help to generate traffic to a desired site.