Friday, 1 July 2011

3 Ways to Increase the Organic Traffic of Your Niche


Increasing the profitability of your website does not have to be difficult if you follow the steps described in this article. First your website ranking and all those who receive a good volume of organic traffic and links ultimately make your site appear in search engines that are relevant. Second, it explains how you can keep your sales funnel and optimize the data collected for the maximum conversion. Finally, we explain the importance of using the techniques of mass media advertising of your website and business as a whole. After this step will definitely improve your page rank and increase traffic to your sales funnel and increase the profitability of your business.

Organic traffic Objective

Identify the keywords that together will increase the organic traffic to your website. Next is to investigate what your competitors are doing senior selected keywords? Then a model of what our competitors are doing.

SEO your website is very important to optimize your website, paying attention to On-Page factors. By completing this stage, passing to factors beyond the page, where you will start concentrating on the links pointing to your website. You will discover that the site optimization takes time, but worth every minute. SEO is very beneficial for your website in terms of increasing your page rank and making it seem relevant to search engines. Having unique content on your website and ranking well give rise to a natural flow of your website, organic traffic then we will devise ways to divert this natural traffic in the sales funnel and convert them into customers.

Target Sales Funnel

The monitoring of the sales funnel is the most important to focus on what is where most of the revenue for the entire company originates and identifies two important areas. The landing page or landing page must be followed to determine if it is to generate traffic to purchase and if not, then what to do to increase traffic to the sales funnel and make it become a higher percentage ?

The second area we identified is the use of Google Analytics to create different sales-generating activities such as the Millennium to be tracked. This activity is naturally a numbers game where the numbers tell you exactly what to do and where most of refocusing their efforts. However, it has been identified recently that social participation media has also led to an increase in sales after hikes and later.

Monitoring effects of social media for Advertising

When we talk about social media, especially talk of Twitter and Facebook, but we all know that there are more ways to get involved with social media, not to mention the participation of the likes of MySpace, LinkedIn, Yahoo Bookmarks, HI5, etc. The word on the street for most however, is Twitter and Facebook and most companies are using their natural ability to pull in the next they need to get your message. So when we communicate with our customers through this medium, is called regardless of any other form of advertising, we pay close attention when they say, like Twitter or our friends and supporters, as it is also a form of indirect advertising. For all these tweets to profitability, tracking the effects of media in our statements and developing methods to increase our exposure to our fans should be our ultimate goal.


We know the techniques of the media can be used to connect directly with our customers and this is what has taken advertising to a different level, a level that virally connect with our audience / customers. But this alone is not enough to realize returns on investment in our advertising. We must continue our sales channel using free tools like Google Analytics. The activities can be traced to aim for within Google Analytics and feedback of information obtained can be analyzed and adjusted to improve results.

No news can be traced to split test our landing pages or landing pages. Income generation needs monitoring incoming calls, there are several tools available to help you track all incoming calls.

For best results and before starting any form of advertising and follow-up on their website, it is important to use all necessary means to rank organically in the first pages of search engines. Using SEO to rank for organic traffic, in our opinion, it will be easier and cheaper, even when making an offer Pay Per Click Advertising. 

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