Monday, 18 July 2011

The Best Tips For Social Promotion From a Professional

These tips social promotion professionals should guide how to get a lot of traffic from social networks and social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and even.

It is the result of years of experience, not just about quick results, but the best way to pass the time, so you can see the results in the long run.

You may disagree with these methods, and my preferences for sites and methods, but I am explaining how I can get my traffic, learned through trial and error.

Twitter career advice

In my personal opinion, Twitter is going to grow up to be a great marketing vehicle, surpassing Google and Facebook, for those lucky enough to have hundreds of thousands of followers.

It is however the way that leads to a large number of people following on Twitter, but the hard work or money.

The difference between the purchase of followers on Twitter, and the payment of a Facebook ad campaign is to keep the followers on Twitter, and can stay with you, looking at your dashboard (and links), by many years.

Not all his followers will be interested in what they are trying to promote, and some do not even look at the tweets of people who are following everything.

It is the small percentage who do not spend much time on the site (or sites where you can see his Twitter feed), which makes it work, through high volume.

I have my Twitter followers of Twiends, and I found that if a population around the lot, people interested in building traffic, SEO and promotion of products and advice.

This is because they are all trying to promote in any way or would not be on the site.

My website is selling the scheduled daily tweets to thousands of followers on Twitter, among other things. Pay monthly price for a point when you join the program and remains the same, while the rate of supporters is increasing at a rate of hundreds of new people a day.

This means that within a few months, will likely pay the same amount of tweets twice the people, and getting better, the longer you stay, as I have most of the money back to find new followers.

You may be asked to change the message on his Twitter scheduled at any time, or time of day, if we have places available.

Anyway, enough about Twitter, let's look at other major sites.

Social promotion on Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg

These are all great sites, and if you spend much time at all (or a lot of money), you can get tons of traffic from them, they are doing a lot of friends, and not bother too much them.

It's all about giving people what they want are products, services or information with a wide appeal.

StumbleUpon, in particular, has to be entertaining because it works on the basis of how many people press the thumbs up button on your toolbar.

I've had more luck with them, and to do well, you have to make tons of friends who accept stock to your toolbar, and will vote for their pages in exchange for votes in his on.

This is an everyday thing, and if you miss a couple of days, you may find you have a hundred pages built in sight, so some people are too busy for that, but if you share the pages that everyone likes in a popular category as bizzare, recipes, music, etc, and get plenty of votes, you can get up to 500,000 views in a single page in a year.

As for Facebook, I really have not found any way to use it except Facebook Ads. Facebook page creation is good, but long, and I just do not like the look of them. I do not like groups, either.

Digg is good, and works similarly to StumbleUpon. When you have hundreds of Diggs, appearing in the news at the top, but it takes hundreds of friends who exchange Diggs, and this is not easy to arrange.

Anyway, my advice was social promotion professionals, leave a comment if you have anything to add, or visit my site.

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