Sunday, 10 July 2011

How to Make Money For Free Online by Pay Per Click

When people think of pay per click search engines, they think about Google and Google AdWords. However, there are many search engines that offer this service than Google. In fact, many sites like Amazon also offers this type of advertising. The problem is that usually you have to pay to use the service. Therefore, you're probably wondering, how can you make money on these sites and still on the market for free?

Simple. If you want to promote your business and make money online with paid ads, you have to use sites that offer free traffic. Find sites that offer this type of traffic is not very difficult to do.

Here's how to get started: First, I want to do a search on "free traffic pay per click search engines." You'll also find plenty of sites devoted to this subject. Do not pass by them. (If this does not produce the results you want, use the Google AdWords keyword tool to help you find something else, or use the suggestion tool.)

It's a good idea to read about the guidelines on these sites and learn as much as you can about how to use them. Over time, if you find what you are driving a lot of traffic to your business, you want to keep your ads there. You'll have to pay for these ads. That's why testing and tracking is so important: you want to find sites where you get the best conversion of their money.

Now, once they have found places where they want their ads, the next step is to prepare campaign. (Read each of the sites to be used for tips on getting the most out of these sites. They want to make money because it will make money.) Is a good idea to create a landing page for this. You may even want to create multiple landing pages and test to see which is most effective.

A landing page is basically a page with a single offering. This may be something for free as a gift of an eBook or other. You may require your visitors to subscribe, or for some other CPA offer, visitors may take some other action. (CPA stands for cost per action).

Whatever you choose, you just want to give your visitors two options: take a decision on the offer or click away. Do not include any other offer. This way you will have a higher total conversion provided you have a good deal.

Again, the most important thing is to test and track every campaign. Make your visitors an offer they can not refuse.

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