Friday, 15 July 2011

Running a Web Design Business

In the last five or six years, website designs have expanded into a kingdom of their own, more of an art form, not just lines of code. To create a really unique and striking, so needed a skilled programmer and a person with an artistic eye.

In general, the first question a business owner asks when deciding whether to have your own website is "Why do I need one?" And it's a valid question, but consider this. According to statistics, currently there are 266 million Internet users in America alone. 85% of those who use the Internet daily and / or online shopping. That's 226 million potential customers. The vast majority of people do not use the phone book to find a business. Instead, open a search engine like Google or Yahoo and search online.

So the question should not be "Why do I need my own website? "It should be," I can pay for not having one? "Strengthening the image of your company and expand its market are just two of the many benefits of having a website.

A web designer should have a good amount of experience to be considered a likely candidate to promote your business by designing your website. A person with knowledge of information technology alone will not suffice to create something that stands out in the crowd. A truly unique site that is visually appealing and meets most if not all, of technology standards such as W3C, HTML, XHTML, SEO and can only be done by someone who is up to date with the latest technologies and standards, and has a deep understanding of how to use appropriate strategies to promote your business in an online environment. Experience with Java or jQuery, XHTML, HTML, XML, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and is almost a necessity in the changing world of web design.

The process of getting your website online should be simple and easy customer name. The designer must have knowledge of the customer, no matter how limited it may be, when taken into consideration in the project, and agreed to help in any way they can to get the site online and at the right time.

Prices vary, but should not contain hidden costs or fees. The designer can charge per hour or may have a higher level, type of flat-rate fee. Anyway, what you are getting and what they cost information must be given in advance of any designer of renown.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and ask to see the site in a real environment before accepting the completed project. A screen shot or an image is not enough to know if the site has met all its requirements and needs.

As a customer, you must also be prepared to offer some ideas of colors or, possibly, graphics, logos, banners or slogans, even so the designer can use these elements in your project. if you are unsure of what colors go together, or if your company does not currently have any of the above charts, the web designer know from the beginning so they know they will need to create the objects as well.

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