Sunday, 14 August 2011

PPC Advertising - Why Bid High for PPC Ads?

Most people will tell you to start a new PPC campaign with caution. They say they must make an offer as low as possible to enter the game and watch the results before investing more money. You can even tell you that meta keywords lowest first value, and you can bid less and still get a reasonable ranking for those keywords. He was also warned to keep their low budget and set your daily limit to a reasonable amount until you have tested the initial campaign and made some adjustments as needed.

None of this is bad advice. Just keep your mind open to the fact that there may be an alternative approach to start a PPC campaign. In some cases it can be really beneficial to go all out and pull a higher bid from the beginning. This is not something everyone is comfortable and will probably not be used by a beginner to start your PPC campaign first. However, it still has some merit and has been used successfully by many.

Get the Click Through

The amount of your bid may affect your ad ranking in SERPs which in turn directly affects your click through rate (CTR). In turn, a higher CTR on a given search engine paid advertising will pay an even higher range when placed in the SERPs. This is the basic idea behind the strategy of bidding high right from the beginning of a given keyword.

Bidding high on purpose

There are some words that will force you to bid high just to be competitive. These are super competitive keywords with lots of other suppliers and with the aim of the first places. You are bidding high, so you have to bid higher if you want to put on top of the list of paid advertisements. In that case, you have to decide if the competition for that given keyword is worth the cost in time.

The strategy we are talking about here is when they intentionally high bid in an effort to improve your chances of getting high on the list of paid advertisements. You want to be at the top of the page in the three places that are more likely to be seen by search engines. You want to avoid are listed on the side where it is less likely to be discovered by a researcher interested.

This has some risk to it and is not used by everyone or in all situations. In most cases, the bid amount will be dropped once a CTR higher than has been achieved for the keyword and classification for the announcement has been improved. In some cases it can even be counterproductive, since the other bidders in the key place for the occasion and the top of the highest bid, increasing the value of bids in order to remain competitive.

Choose your war with care

There are many PPC strategies like this that can backfire or pay big. Those who take the greatest risks to do so knowing the rules and risks. They do it because the experience and reason tells them when to take the risk and time to take the safe road.

If you do not think you have the experience and reason to guide you in choosing their wars, to keep road safety.


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