Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ranking on Google - How to Improve Your Google Ranking

Google's ranking is important if you're aiming to get free traffic, also known as organic traffic from Google itself. The higher range, the traffic you get, since the keyword that target has a reasonable amount of searches. They should have at least more than 3,000 searches per month.

Why does Google rank pages?

Google is working to find the best online site that matches the query and to terminate the search. Its aim is to classify the best place # 1. However, it can look through it manually all the sites on the Internet. What is impossible with the large number of web sites added every second. A faster way is to use a system or program that "reads" the website and then determines whether it is good or not good.

How does Google rank pages?

If a site is good, people will stay there for a while. This time he stayed on the website are tracked as a sign of the usefulness of websites. If many people press the button again after visiting your site, it is likely going to fall rows.

If your site is good, other sites will want to ask your visitors to your site. They do this by providing a link to your website. This link is called a backlink. It is a vote of confidence from your website to your website. Google is able to use a program to monitor this and give this priority. However, Google will also check if the website is linked to that is a good idea in the first place. This means that the creation of new centers and linking to others is a bad idea. You need the backlink of large and well known sites, or at least sites that have been in business for some time.

In order to make people stay on your website, always remember that content is king. Make sure you provide relevant and useful content on your website for your target audience, and will stay and link to your website.

The RankBoost Google

However, this move can be quite slow. To do this faster, you can consider optimizing their Google page. This means writing content in such a way that Google thinks that your content is relevant. You see, it's just a robot, can not be read as a human being, but you can read if you have typed the keyword and how many times you have it. These methods are known as search engine optimization. Note that if you can make a huge initial boost to your website, your position in Google can only be sustained through quality content. 

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