Thursday, 11 August 2011

Search Engine Marketing - How Social Media Compliments SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) allows your website to be picked up by search engines and presents the user through the search results pages or SERPs. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook started as interactive sites that allow people to connect with friends and family around the world, but are now being effectively used by companies for marketing purposes.

They may seem two very different marketing concepts, but they are free when done the right way. Search engine marketing appears to be a mechanical way, the cold electronic communication with spiders, while social media websites are very warm, interactive forms of communication with real people. However, when you start to learn more about them to see how they fit perfectly.

Ordinary people against the Spiders

The major difference between SEM and Social Media Marketing (SMM), it seems you are talking or trying to achieve. This is not entirely true, because SEM is designed to reach real people, as well as social websites. It is not as straightforward as social media websites allow.

Their ultimate goal is always to reach the real people who can make decisions that take their profits. Social networking sites allow you to reach these people through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, but SEM requires a less direct approach. You must first be recognized and classified by the spiders of search engines (or bots) to finally reach real people.

These are real people to be customers of the search engines and social media websites. To reach those customers who have to work within the rules of search engines and social websites. See? SMM and SEM is reduced to the same: get to the real people who can make your business successful.

Advertising vs. real conversations

Here's another thing that seems different between SEM and social media websites. Social media websites thrive on real conversations and direct communications, while it seems colder SEM calculated from that is trying to speak directly to the search engines first.

This is true to some extent, but you have to create content for your website as if it were a direct conversation with real people, no matter how much search engine marketing used to promote this website. SEM not if your website is designed just to talk to search engines. It has to be designed to talk to real people, while still containing the elements necessary for search engines to choose the site.

Therefore, you are conducting a conversation and communication with real people in a real way, no matter what type of marketing you use.

The combination of the elements

Search engine marketing and SMM can work hand in hand. You can use social media to reach your target market on a more personal way out of your website. In doing so, it is more likely to check out their website, which carries traffic.

Traffic is what you are trying to achieve with the SEM, so that social media improves outcomes in this area. Your site has been improved, as it tries to communicate with visitors in a very real, personal way how communication is used in the social media websites. 

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