Friday, 16 September 2011

Buy Digg Votes - How You Can generate Traffic From Digg by Buying Digg Votes

We all know that the sites have their fair share of the rules they want to continue and Digg is no exception, but if you are smart, they obey. The reason it is wise to obey you is because you are thinking about your long-term success if you use Digg and right, which can mean long-term traffic and profits from your online business.

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The first rule with the use of Digg is to obey the rules, if they do not obey, then you risk having your account deleted and you will lose this asset. You have to see your Digg account as an asset. As with any other asset you want to keep and grow.

You can not keep and grow if you do not. So with that lets you quickly cover what you need to do to keep your Digg account.

That is a link to the FAQ page of Digg. It is quite long and I know most people do not like to read this, it's boring, I know. I'll give a brief synopsis and hopefully you will save much time.

The first rule to follow is that you can not have more than one account. The reason why people do this and why Digg does not want people to do this is because they want someone to make a lot of different accounts and digging their own blogs or websites, over and over time. That would destroy your entire system.

The second rule to follow is simple, but sometimes people go overboard. That is not to be abuse or slander other members and should not spam other members.

The third rule to follow is not to abuse Digg using black hat methods to get Diggs. Some of the black hat methods can be scripts that are unethical and immoral way to get Diggs.

Giving people incentives to Digg their stories is also ethical. You should not go around saying: Digg my presentation and I scratch my back and just Digg submission, blind. That is something that Digg does not like people to do.

Another thing I do not want is that the use of some services where you pay a fee and get a lot of people to Digg your presentation. That goes against what Digg is all about. Note that have become very strict and spend a lot of money to determine that the Diggs are legit.

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