Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How to Lower Your Social Media Bounce Rate

Because social media is more firmly rooted in the marketing landscape, it is increasingly easier to assess the advantages and disadvantages on the basis of analysis. One of the things we're learning as we go through this process is that the media, although it can generate traffic to your website, does not always produce better quality cables. In fact, studies show that traffic relates to social media, tends to have the highest rate of rebound between the standard reference sources.

The reasons for this bounce rate can vary, but it is possible that traffic from social media, tends to be less involved in the purchase process from the beginning. In a place like Facebook, for example, you could have hundreds of messages vying for your attention. By clicking on one does not necessarily mean that you are interested to spend fifteen minutes clicking through the site, but is more likely to take a look at the landing page and then head back to Facebook to see the rest of posts.

For online businesses, this means you will have to take some innovative approaches in both their strategy in social media marketing and design of your landing page to engage visitors and keep the bounce rate manageable and increase conversion rates. Here are some ideas for your home:

- Create one-way smell a scent trail in continuity with its initial announcement, the landing page, and each phase of the conversion funnel. Keep your visitors engaged by whet your appetite with intital "flavor" or marketing hook, then keep clicking to offer a continuous path for them to follow.

- The use of multimedia-Incorporate an interactive video game, or to capture the viewer's attention on your site. As committed to its content, will be more likely to stay.

- Optimize your landing page to convert-Make it as easy as possible for the viewer to convert once it reaches the target page. If he has to click through ten pages before reaching the main point, you're going to lose.

- Be clear-Your landing page is not the place for subtlety. Let's be clear about the way you want the viewer to take and how it can be in several places if necessary.

These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. And when you understand the nature of social media traffic (easily distracted, low initial position) can begin to brainstorm strategies to get their attention, keep them interested in your site, increase conversion rates and in the process of reducing the dropout rate. 

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